Hello everyone,

We are inviting all experienced and skilled players to apply for <AG>.

About Angered:

Angered is an FC that has always and will always be improving with time. We have the mindset of getting server 1st , EU 1st and world 1st on many fields such as
clearing raid content, speed killing and having the best community as an FC.

We have built up a community of players who are passionate about clearing all the content that FFXIV has to offer, as soon as possible. We offer not only be a competitive environment, where the best players thrive, but also a friendly and welcoming atmosphere - we want everyone to enjoy their time with us and make great memories.

We accept people of all play-styles and different purposes. You could be a hardcore progression person, a social who can replace people when they can't make it or a dedicated Crafter - everyone can have their own place in our FC. Balance is the key in everything we do.

FC Achievements:

T7 Savage - EU#5th
T8 Savage - EU#4th
T9 Savage - EU#5th & 6th
ilvl110 T9S - Server 1st
Turn 10 - EU#6th
Turn 11 - EU#7th
Turn 12 - EU#8th
Turn 13 - EU#8th
Bismark - World 2nd
Ravana - World 4th
Nidhogg - World 1st
A1S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 5th
A2S - Server 1st, EU 2nd, World 5th
A3S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 7th
A4S - Server 1st, EU 2nd, World top 15
A5S - Server 1st, EU 2nd, World 3rd
A6S - Server 1st, EU 2nd, World 3rd
A7S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 3rd
A8S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 7th
A9S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 1st
A10S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 3rd
A11S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 1st
A12S - Server 1st, EU 1st, World 1st

Event Times

7pm - 10:30pm Ragnarok [EU] Server time (GMT+1) - Though these can differ from group to group.

Our Expectations:

We expect all of our members to be experts in their jobs, focused on getting the best out of themselves and the people they play with and be understanding towards others. We constantly seek ways to improve, giving and taking constructive criticism objectively with the aim of becoming better players. Our members should be consistently up to date with changes made to the game; in particular their Specs and the current Endgame content. We want players who are able to adapt quickly to whatever situations they may encounter, and overcome them together with us, as a team. Members are also expected to be reliable & respectful towards their FC mates.

Ideal candidates for the hardcore & Semi hardcore groups should have at least Alex (Savage) Floor 11 experience until last phase , of course, be ready to tackle all endgame as fast as possible, dedicating the time needed to accomplish that.

If you think you have the talent, drive and attitude to become a part of an FC like us, then we would love to see an application from you. In return we give the most talented players the opportunity to raise up to the challenge and make a name for themselves in the world rankings and achieve something great as a team.

Any questions regarding recruitment can be directed to - Kakashe, Elia, Guineabear or Raffter


Thanks for considering Angered, and we look forward to hearing from you!
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