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Ninja Guide by Rize & Shina

Hello, and welcome to our guide on 3.x Ninja. This guide will cover all you need to know about how to play the Ninja job to its fullest.

As arguably the strongest melee in the current raiding scene we are bringing you this guide so that you can have a little help in learning this complex, but valuable job.
Or prehaps if you are already a veteran Ninja we can share a few things that we have picked up between us and help you to get even better. :)



This guide will contain the following content:

Racial Stats (Best Races).
Ninja Skills
DPS Rotation
AoE Rotation
Cross-Class Abilities
Current gear set.
3.X Accuracy Caps
Stat Weights
Dummy and Raid Parses
Conclusion and A8s PoV

This Guide will be continuously updated whenever i have time to update it. If you would like to get a notification every time i update this guide, just press on the Subscribe button above.

Last Update: 22.05.2016

1. Racial Stats:

#1 - Elezen (Wildwood) - 19 STR, 23 DEX, 18 VIT, 22 INT, 17 MND, 21 PIE.
#2 - Miqo’te (Seekers) - 21 STR, 22 DEX, 20 VIT, 18 INT, 19 MND, 20 PIE
#3 - Lalafell (Plainsfolk) - 18 STR, 22 DEX, 18 VIT, 21 INT, 20 MND, 18 PIE.

2. Ninja Skills:

http://xivdb.com/action/2265/Fuma+Shuriken *
http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton *
http://xivdb.com/action/2271/Suiton *
http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton *

http://xivdb.com/action/2266/Katon *
http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton *

Utility + DPS:


http://xivdb.com/action/2272/Rabbit+Medium *

3. Opener:

This is a really standard opener that you can almost always use in any of the fight of the current content, it will give u a really high burst while fitting our strongest ability into http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack , battlelitany , hypercharge .

http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton - 21 Sec
15 Sec Pull Macro - 15 sec
http://xivdb.com/action/3564/Shadewalker on Main Tank - 6 sec
http://xivdb.com/action/3565/Smoke+Screen on White Mage - 5 sec
Prepare http://xivdb.com/action/2271/Suiton

http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge // http://xivdb.com/action/2251/Dancing+Edge
http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge // http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush

Depending on having a warrior that doesn’t instantly does stormeye or needs to do strompath as soon as possible , you can change the first http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge with http://xivdb.com/action/2251/Dancing+Edge , and for closing the opener you can replace the last http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge with http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush for an easier http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton managent in case you don’t have an hypercharge running.


4. DPS Rotation:

Ninja does not have a set “rotation” like a Dragoon or Monk. They work on more of a priority system like a Bard.

The priority order is as follows:

Keep http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton up. Using http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush when it drops below 40 secconds. Exception being if you have buffs up then use http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge. You can use two http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush in a row after to max houton again.
Keep http://xivdb.com/action/2251/Dancing+Edge up. (if you have a warrior they will keep stormseye up for you)
Use ninjitsu (With a priority of http://xivdb.com/action/2271/Suiton > http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton > http://xivdb.com/action/2265/Fuma+Shuriken)
Keep up your dots with a priority of http://xivdb.com/action/2257/Shadow+Fang > http://xivdb.com/action/2244/Mutilate
aeoliandege as filler when you can hit from the back
http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush as filler when you can only hit from the side
http://xivdb.com/action/2251/Dancing+Edge when you struggle for positionals and can only hit from the front.


5. AOE DPS Rotation:

Ninja is reguarded as the worst melee in reguards to AOE dps. This is due to your aoe spam ability having the lowest potency of all the classes. As well as all your other AOE skills being tied to ninjitsu.

Precast http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton > open with http://xivdb.com/action/2266/Katon > http://xivdb.com/action/2254/Death+Blossom > http://xivdb.com/action/2264/Kassatsu + http://xivdb.com/action/85/Blood+For+Blood > http://xivdb.com/action/2254/Death+Blossom > http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton > http://xivdb.com/action/2254/Death+Blossom > http://xivdb.com/action/59/Internal+Release > spam http://xivdb.com/action/2254/Death+Blossom

Annother thing to take note is that on 3 or more targets http://xivdb.com/action/2266/Katon is always a dps increase. It can also be a dps increase on 2 targets. This is because as it has exactly the same potency as http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton on 2 targets you are more likely to get a crit on 2 hits than just one. However if one of the targets has a debuff like trick attack dont do this, as only 1 hit will get the buff rather than the whole ability.

The optimal times to use http://xivdb.com/action/2254/Death+Blossom: If you have TP to spare then use http://xivdb.com/action/2254/Death+Blossom on 4+ targets and for maximum TP efficiency use it on 6+


6. Mudras and http://xivdb.com/action/2264/Kassatsu:/

Increase attack speed by 15% for 70 sec.
Can be executed from the combination of jin + chi + ten or Chi + Jin + ten
Duration refreshed from http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush by 30 sec
Must be up all the time

Can be executed from any one of the Ten, Chi, or Jin Mudras
240 Potency affected by slashing debuff
High Range

Can be executed from the combination of Ten + Chi or Jin + Chi Mudras
360 potency affected by Foerequiem
Medium Range

Can be executed from the combination of Ten + Chi + Jin or Chi + Ten + Jin
180 Potency
Grants the caster http://xivdb.com/action/2271/Suiton, that made us able to perform ability like http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack and http://xivdb.com/action/2250/Sneak+Attack without hide
High Range

Can be executed from the combination of Chi + Ten or Jin + Ten
180 AoE Potency
Worth on 3 or more targets
High Range

Can be executed from the combination of Ten + jin + chi or jin + ten + chi
30 AoE Tick potency for 24 seconds (8 ticks)
Gives 40% heavy effect on the targets inside of it
Replace http://xivdb.com/action/2266/Katon if it does damage with all his durations and if used under the effect of http://xivdb.com/action/2264/Kassatsu
Spawn under player feet

Can be executed from the combination of Ten + Jin or Chi + Jin
140 potency
Bind the target for 15 sec (12 on pvp)
Useless in PvE for the current content but really strong in pvp
High range

Reset the ninjutsu recast timer while ensuring critical damage for the next ninjutsu action
Always use with http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton if on Single Target
Always use with http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton if on Multiple targets and they are there for the whole http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton durations
Always use it right after a mudra

All these abilitys, make the ninja a class with a lot of variety depending on the situation. By having to choose from a mudra to another depending by many things, in a single target rotation i always use http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton over http://xivdb.com/action/2265/Fuma+Shuriken since i’m not affected by latency problems, but you can always use http://xivdb.com/action/2265/Fuma+Shuriken if you do.
Also remember that is really important to not lose any http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack during a fight so if your trick attack is coming up in less than 15-17 seconds wait for it and replace http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton with http://xivdb.com/action/2271/Suiton for a better http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack usage.
About http://xivdb.com/action/2264/Kassatsu, it is a really strong spell that reset our ninjutsu cooldown and ensure a crit for the next ninjuts, it’s mostly combined with http://xivdb.com/action/2267/Raiton into http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack on a single target situation and really makes our http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton viable in AoE damage since it makes all the tick crits, but still better to use with http://xivdb.com/action/2266/Katon in case http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton is not dealing damage for all it’s duration.


7. Cross-Class Abilities:

Cross Class Abilities on Ninja come from Lancer and Pugilist. They are pretty straightforward.


Maybe (extremely situational depending on fight):



8. Current Gear Set:


Lore Items:
http://xivdb.com/item/14413/Augmented+Torrent+Tabard+of+Scouting 825 Lore
http://xivdb.com/item/14434/Augmented+Torrent+Tights+of+Scouting 825 Lore
http://xivdb.com/item/14406/Augmented+Torrent+Halfmask+of+Scouting 495 Lore
http://xivdb.com/item/14461/Augmented+Primal+Ring+of+Aiming 375 Lore
http://xivdb.com/item/14456/Augmented+Primal+Bracelet+of+Aiming 375 Lore
http://xivdb.com/item/14446/Augmented+Primal+Earrings+of+Aiming 375 Lore
Total Cost: 3270 Lore for a total of 8 Reset

I Suggest for everyone to instantly rush the http://xivdb.com/item/14317/Torrent+Kris if you have collected the http://xivdb.com/item/9384/Encrypted+Tomestone from A6s or from 7 resets of A8 Normal since this is the biggest upgrades for Main stats, Secondary stats, Damage and vitality, right after you can choose beetwin http://xivdb.com/item/14413/Augmented+Torrent+Tabard+of+Scouting and http://xivdb.com/item/14434/Augmented+Torrent+Tights+of+Scouting
then i would complete the left side with http://xivdb.com/item/14406/Augmented+Torrent+Halfmask+of+Scouting
and in the end buy all the accesories starting from the http://xivdb.com/item/14461/Augmented+Primal+Ring+of+Aiming if u dont need the accuracy, followed by the http://xivdb.com/item/14446/Augmented+Primal+Earrings+of+Aiming or by the http://xivdb.com/item/14456/Augmented+Primal+Bracelet+of+Aiming in case u need more accuracy.
I also suggest to everyone to meld Vitality if you are still progressing on fight like A7s and A8s since it is really helpfull for many mechanics and gives a lot of help to the healers.


9. Macros:

Prepare http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton with either jin + chi + ten or Chi + Jin + ten and then start the following macro for pulling :
/micon "Pull"
/ac "Ninjutsu"  
/p  Pulling in 20 <se.5> <wait 8>
/p  Pulling in 12 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  Pulling in 11 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  Pulling in 10 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  Pulling in 9 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  Pulling in 8 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  Pulling in 7 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  Pulling in 6 <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  5  <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  4  <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  3  <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  2  <se.5> <wait 1>
/p  1  <se.5> <wait 1>

Deactivate Blood for Blood Macro if you know that you are about to take Fatal Damage.

/micon "Blood for Blood"
/statusoff "Blood for Blood"

Mouse Over “http://xivdb.com/action/2249/Goad”
/micon “Goad”
/ac “Goad” <mo>

Mouse Over “Shade Walker”
/micon “shade walker”
/ac “shade walker” <mo>
Mouse Over “Smoke Screen”
/micon “Smoke Screen”
/ac “Smoke Screen” <mo>

I really sudgest you to use all of this macros, since makes your way of using these utility abilities faster and smoother, otherwhise as i always say, never use any macro that includes weapon skills because this will affect really a lot the dps, since macros takes a bit to run in this game.


10. Accuracy Cap:

These are rough numbers according to my experience during Alexander progression. These number might NOT be 100% correct, but i can tell you that they are pretty close.

A1 Savage:
• Front: 580~
• Flank/Rear: 570

A2 Savage:
• Front: 610~
• Flank/Rear: 575

A3 Savage:
• Front: 630~
• Flank/Rear: 610~

A4 Savage:
• Front: 640~
• Flank/Rear: 620~


A5 Savage:
• Front: 658~
• Flank/Rear: 640~

A6 Savage:
• Front: 670~
• Flank/Rear: 650~

A7 Savage:
• Front: 684~
• Flank/Rear: 664~

A8 Savage:
• Front: 700~
• Flank/Rear: 682~


11. Stat Weights:

These stats weights are taken from http://ffxiv.ariyala.com and might not be 100% accurate, but is surely something good to start with to have an idea of the priority we will be using for our stats.

WD: 12,799
CRT: 0.215
DET: 0.168
SkS: 0.106

Based on this we can easly say that our priority will be

Weapon Damage > Dexterity > Critical > Determination > Skill Speed
And this that’s what makes us choose the BiS list mentioned above.

Additional Info on Crit:
Critting increases its damage by 50% & the max Critical damage too.


12. Ping (ms) & how it affects DPS:

Assuming the same class and same skill same rotation someone with 200 ms, will never beat someone with a connection of 100 or less.

Without WTFast (example: 100ms Extra compared to another player) a player can safely say that every ~50 seconds they lose 1 GCD skill which means that he will lose around 10 GCDs skills in a 10 minute non stop fight….


13. Tips

oGCD Tips:
I recomend always saving http://xivdb.com/action/3567/Duality for http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge. The 90 Seccond cooldown gives you some room to save it and still have the same use of it throughout a fight. The potency increase is to huge over http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush and warrents saving it.
if the time to wait is not less than 10-15 seconds try to line up http://xivdb.com/action/3567/Duality , http://xivdb.com/action/3566/Dream+Within+A+Dream and http://xivdb.com/action/2248/Mug into http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack

http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack Tips:
If it’s about to coming up and you have to wait to use any ninjutsu, always give prioritize to http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack , it’s always better to wait a bit on ninjuts than waiting on a http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack that affect all the party dps.
Rembember to always snapshot http://xivdb.com/action/2244/Mutilate and http://xivdb.com/action/2257/Shadow+Fang into http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack if their durations is about to expire

http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge and http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush Tips:
If Huton has 41+ seconds you should prioritize http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge , but there are some situation where you want to still use http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush because you have buffs coming up and you want to be using http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge. For example in A8s there is a point where you are forced to attack the Swindler while it has a 40% physical resistence up, you can pool your buffs and use http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush on the Swindler, so you can use more http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge on the Brawler that will take normal damage.
Another condition where you want to use http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush over http://xivdb.com/action/2255/Aeolian+Edge is when you are gonna have a fight transition that will not let you keep http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton up so you need to reset it to his max duration before the boss jumps away, Taking again A8s as exemple on the end of the phase 2 (add phase) you want to use http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush to reset huton duration to 1:10min, this way you will be able to use your full operner again without refreshing http://xivdb.com/action/2269/Huton manualy or with http://xivdb.com/action/3563/Armor+Crush at a point your have buffs up.

http://xivdb.com/action/3564/Shadewalker and http://xivdb.com/action/3565/Smoke+Screen Tips:
It’s really important that you keep in mind that http://xivdb.com/action/3564/Shadewalker and http://xivdb.com/action/3565/Smoke+Screen are not only used at the start of a fight, those are 2 of the most usefull abilities regarding hate managment, so remember to use http://xivdb.com/action/3564/Shadewalker on Main Tank on cooldown so he can eventually stay more out of http://xivdb.com/action/3629/Grit / http://xivdb.com/action/28/Shield+Oath / http://xivdb.com/action/48/Defiance. And also don’t forget to use http://xivdb.com/action/3565/Smoke+Screen on the white mage when there is a situation that reset the Boss eneminity, like on A8s when Brute Justice spawns it has its hate totally reset for any of the party members, and the white mage will have heals like http://xivdb.com/action/133/Medica+II and http://xivdb.com/action/3569/Asylum running, that builds lots of eneminity, so it’s good to place http://xivdb.com/action/3565/Smoke+Screen on them to avoid the boss turning to the white mage.


20. Dummy and Raid Parses:

Dps and the numbers you produce are co-related with the connection you have and your raid dps.

For Alexander Raids:
Rize: http://www.fflogs.com/rankings/character/89161/latest
Shina: http://www.fflogs.com/rankings/character/168667/latest/


21. Conclusion and A8s Point of view

In conclusion, Ninja is surely the best choice in an end game party. This is because of the major of utility given by the abilities like http://xivdb.com/action/3564/Shadewalker and http://xivdb.com/action/2270/Doton, and of course http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick+Attack, as it is one of the strongest party buffs for dps beside Foerequiem and hypercharge.
In this guide, we have tried to gather all the experience and the testing we’ve made with this class so that any of the Ninjas can get benefit from it.
If you have any question, or if you want to give any advice or tip about any of the guide section, feel free to comment below and we will reply as fast as we can and update the guide.

Thank you for reading the guide, and don’t forget to share with ninja friends! We wish you to have a lot of fun every-time you play this game!

A8s Point of View

Work in progress

- Regards, Rize and Shina, Ragnarok EU.
"I take things like honor and loyalty seriously. It's more important to me than any materialistic thing I could have."
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