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Summoner Guide By Kakashe Hatake



Welcome !

I would like to start this guide by introducing myself. I'm known as Kakashe Hatake, I'm a member of the board directors of Angered Gaming and GM of Angered FC on Ragnarok server. I have been playing on different MMOs with players that love to create guides and have learned from them quite a lot throughout the years. Ever since Angered FC was launched people have been asking me to do a guide on summoner and I usually write notes and save videos to contentiously improve myself , however this time I decided to create a guide as a reference to myself and to share my theories and conclusions with whoever wants a different viewpoint or learn more about the class in general.

My Lodestone: http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/6002203/

Now that my introduction is out of the way, I want to say that making this guide as rich as possible with useful information will be my goal, so feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or want to know my viewpoint on a subject. I will be sharing parses and videos for certain fights so keep an eye on the guide for any changes or additions.

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This guide will be updated regularly - Latest update 07th of April 2016

Recent changes or updates:
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1 - SMN BIS 10/02/2016 (591 accuracy for a12s, new bis confirmed )
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1 - SMN BIS 02/06/2016 (592 accuracy for a8s, new bis confirmed )
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1 - SMN BIS 07/05/2016 (592 accuracy for a8s, new bis? )
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1 - SMN BIS 14/04/2016
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1 - Stat weights added with reference 07/04/2016
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1 - SMN BIS 04/03/2016
[Edit/Addition]*Section 2 - Ruin III potency - 04/03/2016
[ADDED]*Section 9 - Alex Turn 3 Savage SMN PoV - 11/08/2015
[Edit/Addition]*Section 1: SMN BIS 06/08/2015
[Edit/Addition]*Section 7:My Preferred opener and another commonly used opener - Video remade.21/07/2015
[Edit/Addition]*Section 7 - A reply to the reddit critiques about my opener - (Added a paragraph regarding feedback I received.) 20/07/2015
[ADDED]*Section 7 - Why do I use http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle without Potion on my opener? - 20/07/2015
[ADDED]*Section 7 - Comparing Parses - 19/07/2015
[ADDED]*Section 7 - Rotation alignment with own buffs and group buffs - 18/07/2015
[ADDED]*Section 7 - A reply to the reddit critiques about my opener - 18/07/2015

Section 0

Guide Content

Section 0: Guide Content
Section 1: Stat Weights , BIS & Best Race choices for Smns
  • Stat Weights
  • 3.25 BIS
  • Race choices
Section 2: Summoner Abilities
Section 3: Buffs
  • Own Buffs
  • Buffs from other abilities
  • Vulnerability Buff
Section 4: DoTs
Section 5: Summoner Pets
  • Summoner Pets and skills
  • 3.0 patch changes on pets
  • Tests regarding the patch notes
  • Garuda-egi vs Ifrit-egi, and uses of Titan-egi
Section 6: Common Questions
Section 7:Opener & Rotation
  • My Preferred opener
  • My viewpoint on my opener and other openers with preference and conclusion
  • My thoughts on the rotation provided in the video
Section 8: Notes
  • Points to keep in mind
  • Thoughts about this guide

Section 1

Stat Weights , BIS & Best Race choices for Smns

SMN Stat Weights:

WD: 11.602
INT: 1.000
DET: 0.137
CRT: 0.147
SS: 0.119

Dervy has a good study on the stat weights of every job and I am using it for my
BIS choice. Thumbs up to Dervy here is his site.

To have a look at other jobs stat weights , click here to go to Dervys website

BIS for A12s:
Note: 591 Accuracy is enough for a12s , keep in mind you might miss some book slaps , and also remember to ask you're healers if they require you to use VIT-V Materias , some strategies will have to make you be at a higher Health Cap.

Race choices

Choice #1
My best choice is Elezen Duskwhite which will give you an intelligence of 23 the highest between the races, however only 18 Piety which isn't great for a player that wants to play SMN as well as BLM.

Choice #2
Elezen Wildwood is my second favorite for a SMN. It has 22 Intelligence and 21 Piety. So basically your Intelligence suffers by 1 point and your piety gains 3 points. Some have told me they are more comfortable playing with this class. So if you feel you need that extra mp then go for it.

Choice #3
Lalafell Dunesfolk is the best race to use if you will play both caster jobs. Its higher Piety is useful for BLMs and can help SMNs in some occasions. However, your Intelligence is 21 which is 2 lower than Elezen Duskwhite. If you check the current stat weight , losing 2 int less is like having 15 det less. so choose wisely. Any thing to get you off that lalafel xD

Section 2

Summoner Abilities

On this section I will discuss some abilities that are essential. Other abilities will be added to a separate section to give a better overview of its uses.

The Ruins

http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin and http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II are your filler attacks. They have both the same potency, however http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin has a base cast time of 2.5s with less mp cost. http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II is instant. The way to decide which one to use is quite straight forward. If you need to move or use an OGCD then use http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II if you don't then use http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin. Using http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II all the time will burn your mana so use it only when its needed.

http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III is an ability that has been added to SMNs on Heavensward. It's a single target ability that deals 200 potency damage. It costs as much as http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin while in http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance and costs 1080mp without it. It is also a filler ability just like http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin and http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II, however it is mostly used while in http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance for its less mp cost and the higher potency output than a http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin or a http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II . That being said there are 2 occasions which I personally use http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III without having http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance up.

1st occasion
At the last moments of any encounter around 1-2% health left, and I have nothing else to use but http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin or http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II. Surely it will dump mp like no other ability on your list, however ending the encounter at exactly 0 mp is the best way to do it. So I see no point saving my available mp. Just be careful not to run out of mp before the target dies. Times and times have we seen a 0.000001% wipe ! So this extra damage might make a difference one day.

2nd occasion
When I have a Bard in my group using http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad and http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice together. The amount of mp generated will give the chance to use http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III and have almost the same efficiency of using http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II. Therefore, it is another situation that can be used to your advantage, that being said only do this when you have sufficient mp. Also make sure you are within range of the Bard and receiving the http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad. Using it without http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice added to the http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad is not worth it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aetherflow and Aethertrail-Attunement charges

What is http://xivdb.com/action/166/Aetherflow and what does it do? http://xivdb.com/action/166/Aetherflow is an ability that gives you 3 http://xivdb.com/status/304/Aetherflow charges and regenerates your mp bar by 20% of its maximum. So choosing a race with more piety not only increases your mp max, but also increases the effect of http://xivdb.com/action/166/Aetherflow regeneration of mp. The 3 charges given to you can be used on 4 abilities. http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester, http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare, http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain and http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane. These four abilities consume 1 Aetherflow charge each when used and will give you an http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement charge instantly after usage.

http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement is a charge that stacks to a maximum of 3 charges, and it has a countdown timer of 30 seconds that resets every time an ability that requires an http://xivdb.com/status/304/Aetherflow charge is used. After having 3 http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement charges an ability called http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance becomes unlocked and available to use within 30 seconds. Unless you can reset your http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement timer you will have to use http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance otherwise it will be gone for good and you will have to re-stack http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunements to get access again. Being familiar to a fight and comfortable with your rotation helps you know when is the best time to stack the third http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement so you can use http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance at the time its needed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abilities that consume an http://xivdb.com/status/304/Aetherflow and produce http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement

http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester is an instant single target damage ability. Its potency depends on how many of the following DoTs are on the target. http://xivdb.com/action/164/Bio , http://xivdb.com/action/168/Miasma and http://xivdb.com/action/178/Bio-II each will make http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester deal a 100 potency damage upon use, total for 3 DoTs will be 300 potency. http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester potency is useless unless all 3 DoTs are running on the target. If you use it with 2 of those DoTs only it has an equal potency of a http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare on a single target and by using it with 1 DoT up it has 50 potency less than http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain. So to conclude avoid using http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester without those 3 DoTs up.

http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare is an instant AOE damage ability that hits the target and all nearby targets by 200 potency each. This ability was added to summoners on heavensward and have its uses in many ways. Previously, summoners used http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane to spread DoTs and create high damage, however it isn't always useful since http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane needs the DoTs to run on the targets for some time before it creates a good amount of potency, and on many occasions targets die before DoTs can give there optimum potency. Therefore, with this ability being instant, on some occasions it is more useful than http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane and on others its not. http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare is one of the best skills given to summoners and it have influenced openers and rotations on every summoner guide I have seen. http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare also adds a charge of http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement upon using. Please refer to Section 6 - Question 2 to see a full comparison on both http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare & http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane and which is better when.

http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain is an instant single target ability that deals 150 potency damage and absorbs 50% of that damage as HP recovery and restores MP as well. Many have assumed that it also restores 50% of the damage done as MP or that the MP is effected by the damage done, both assumptions are incorrect. It is not influenced by damage done at all. It is a fixed amount of MP restoration not effected by anything except your job level. I have taken the following pictures to show the HP recovery and MP restoration and its clear that the only thing effected by damage is the HP however MP restoration isn't influenced at all. I also changed the Piety on my attributes to +35, but the result was the same.

Full Gear

Full Gear + Crit

Only weapon no gear and changed job allotment to +35 Piety.

http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane is an instant ability that spreads http://xivdb.com/action/164/Bio , http://xivdb.com/action/168/Miasma and http://xivdb.com/action/178/Bio-II to all targets around a mob that has these DoTs up, however if more than 3 targets were around that mob, each additional target will get half the DoTs potency. http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane has a 15% chance of resetting the DoT timers to its original full timer, only if the timer on the target was less than a full timer.
For example if you use it on a target after casting http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster with http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion it will not reduce the timer back to its original full timer. Using http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion on targets before using http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane is very commonly used. However, with the new ability http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare added on heavensward you will have to make a choice whether to http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane and depend on DoTs to do higher potencies or use http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare for a quick instant 200 potency on target and all mobs around it. Please refer to Section 6 - Question 2 to see a full comparison on both http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare & http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane and which is better when.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance and how to use it with maximum efficiency

http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance is a buff that gets unlocked when you have 3 stacks of http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement. After using http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance you will receive a 10% increase on your magic damage for 15 seconds, however it is important to note that your pet doesn't get this buff. Only your summoner skills get effected by it. While http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance is up you will unlock http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare and make http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III cost as much as http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin . It is a good idea to align http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance with http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster so you can have more up time using other skills to maximize the 10% increase on magical attacks while the buff is up. Remember that this buff is a bit flexible to unlock, since http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement gives you a 30 second timer and can be refreshed, so while learning your fight adjust accordingly. A quick example would be having it up on the second phase of Bismark extreme with http://xivdb.com/action/101/Raging-Strikes and http://xivdb.com/item/12625/Draconian-Potion-of-Intelligence just before the blue and green mobs appear. By using all cool downs and http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster to instantly have 3 DoTs on 1 mob, then casting 3 DoTs on the other mob before you get the blue or green debuff, then using contagion on the mob you cant attack will get you the highest initial potency damage on that phase. This is a simple example of how to make the maximum use of controling your http://xivdb.com/status/807/Aethertrail-Attunement stacks so that http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance is available at the right time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Other Available Abilities

These abilities have been miss used by many summoners. The http://xivdb.com/action/173/Resurrection ability is one that is favored by many healers and many group setups in general. Since Summoners are the only dps class that can use it, make the most of it. That being said try and communicate with healers in your party and know when they will get people back into the fight and when its better for you to use it. Draining your mp early in a fight carelessly will make you unable to use it or lower your dps by a big margin if you get too low, so be careful.

http://xivdb.com/action/175/Eye-for-an-Eye is also one of the abilities that is not used by many SMNs. Some I have asked argue that they think the reason it is ignored or not used as much is because they do not get direct benefit from it. I however disagree with that statement. Let me give an example, making the tanks get less damage means that the healers won't use more mp which helps them avoid asking for http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad which means your Bard will do more damage, and also might use http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem instead which will benefit you or use http://xivdb.com/action/116/Army%27s-Paeon which will benefit your group tp users. In any case having less damage on the tanks is a benefit you can give to the group. Even if your healers are very efficient and know how to save mp or don't need abilities such as http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad on some fights, the benefits of reducing the damage taken will give the chance for some healers to dps, and we have seen it many times on videos and streams that extra dps from the healers makes a difference when it comes to the overall raid damage. Therefore, the benefits are many and in the end everything you do matters no matter how small you think it is. If everyone puts in small additions to there group work your overall performance will improve which is the main objective.

http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus is a strong debuff that reduces the target strength , Dexterity , Intelligence and Mind by 15%. Using it at the right time on some fights is crucial to survive. However, after using it the target is granted immunity against another http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus for 60 seconds. The immunity timer starts after the http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus wears off and not when it is initially casted. A good example on when it had to be used is FCoB Turn4/Turn13. When http://xivdb.com/?monster/3210/Bahamut-Prime started casting http://xivdb.com/action/3002/Gigaflare that was a place to apply it. Although some scholars have no problem doing it, I always offered my support to help in case it makes their life easier. Also on other fights you will find that some mobs hit really hard and a http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus might not be needed to survive, but it will save some damage received on the tanks which means less mp usage by healers so its a good practice to find a place to fit a http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus in during any encounter, however asking the healers when to use it is in some cases a must, since you can make a target immune to another http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus for 60 seconds which can be fatal to the group if another http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus was needed in that time. Communication between you and the healers will let them know you will use it at a specific time and that will reduce the chances of 2 http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus applied to the same target at the same time.

Another thing I have to mention is that there is a difference between the Virus available to SMNs / SCHs and available to WHMs / BLMs

SMN and SCH (Effects STR, DEX, INT & MND)

BLMs and WHMs (Only effects STR & DEX)

To make it simple the SMNs and SCHs can reduce Physical Melee + Physical Ranged potencies as well as magical and healing potencies. However, BLM's and WHM's are restricted to only reduce Physical Melee + Physical Ranged potencies. That being said both have the same timer of 10s on the target. Remember to apply it during the cast and not when the animation starts. If you ever tried using it after the target finished casting and before the attack animation starts you will notice that your http://xivdb.com/action/169/Virus was not applied.

http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind and http://xivdb.com/action/190/Physick are the least used abilities on this Job. They both have there uses however they are very limited.

http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind is a ranged AOE attack that does damage to the target and all mobs around it by 30 potency with a 3 second base cast time costing you 884mp, therefore I wouldn't recommend using this as an AOE attack, however there are some rare occasions where you can use it as an AOE attack. (For more on the matter refer to Section 6 - Question 3). As the name refers http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind binds the target. What it means is that it makes the target unable to move for the duration of the status or it is removed by someone, usually by striking the target. On any Turn 7 Savage video with a Summoner kiting http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind was the only available skill for summoners to bind the http://xivdb.com/?monster/2627/Renaud s. A Summoner kiting without this ability on that encounter would have made the fight harder than it already is.

http://xivdb.com/action/190/Physick is a way to give you that inch of safety to maybe make it with 1 hp after a good AOE attack and you are not full health. I haven't used it many times myself, however I remember a couple of times at least that I survived using this by less than what it healed me for. Its not a major healing skill for Summoners, but has its uses for example to heal your pet if http://xivdb.com/action/171/Sustain wasn't sufficient or heal the tank while the healer is dead in a dungoun until the http://xivdb.com/action/173/Resurrection of the healer is complete. On encounters I mostly use it as a last second emergency heal and 99 times out of a hundred I just die, but sometimes it works and the feeling after surviving death with it is great.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cross class abilities

Note: http://xivdb.com/action/101/Raging-Strikes have been added to Section 3

Using http://xivdb.com/action/143/Surecast in an encounter is really dependable on the situation. I would say the best time to use it is when you know that there is a chance of you getting interrupted. For example you have an AOE attack on you and you want to cast http://xivdb.com/action/179/Shadow-Flare in a place where you know the fight will have a mob or multiple mobs will appear. This is a situation where you will need to use http://xivdb.com/action/143/Surecast in order to cast http://xivdb.com/action/179/Shadow-Flare before the AOE is complete and get into position early without interruption. Every bit counts so make sure you find potential opportunities to use http://xivdb.com/action/143/Surecast. Point to mention http://xivdb.com/action/143/Surecast also works with limit break.

http://xivdb.com/action/146/Blizzard-II is an AOE attack that does 50 potency damage to all mobs around you with a base cast time of 2 seconds costing you 707mp. It is not used regularly by summoners, however there are some scenarios were it would be useful. Please refer to Section 6 - Question 3 to know more on the matter.

http://xivdb.com/action/150/Swiftcast is one of the best cross-class ability received by summoners. Making long casts such as http://xivdb.com/action/173/Resurrection become instant is just perfect. However, I must say that http://xivdb.com/action/150/Swiftcast is commonly used with http://xivdb.com/action/179/Shadow-Flare. It helps squeeze it in as fast as possible to make the most use of buffs or continue your rotation, or even do it while moving. http://xivdb.com/action/150/Swiftcast was also commonly used with http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind on Turn 7 Savage to instantly bind the Renauds or do it while moving for mechanics. I would like to mention that I do not use http://xivdb.com/action/150/Swiftcast a lot when I am with players that are not familiar with a fight. The reason is I always want to have an instant http://xivdb.com/action/173/Resurrection available, so that if a mistake happened a recovery will be easier.

http://xivdb.com/action/99/Hawk%27s-Eye isn't used by summoners simply because the only benefit from it is that it guarantees all your attacks land on the target and almost all the time you would achieve the needed accuracy to a fight. However, I must say I used it in an encounter ever up to this day.

http://xivdb.com/action/104/Quelling-Strikes is an ability that reduces your skills enmity. This will make it a lot easier for tanks to keep hate on the mobs your attacking. http://xivdb.com/action/104/Quelling-Strikes must be used on openers and used when available for AOE damage. Since summoners received new abilities such as http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare and http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare your enmity can spike quickly. Some tanks are really good and can hold mobs even without you using http://xivdb.com/action/104/Quelling-Strikes, but that doesn't mean you should slack, since a mistake can happen and you might die because of it. So take all precautions and facilitate your abilities to the maximum.

Section 3


Own Buffs
Buffs from other jobs
Vulnerability buff

Regarding your buffs , they are really self explanatory. There isn't much to say about them, however keep in mind that your pet doesn't get effected by http://xivdb.com/action/101/Raging-Strikes and http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance, but gets effected by potions. (For more info. refer to Section 5)

Remember that your own dps is influenced by other players. Learning your own job is not enough, you must know all the jobs that can effect your performance so you can give a suggestion or an opinion to better improve yourself and your group. You will find out that having this knowledge of what ability is better used when, will make you a better damage dealer. Testing while recording yourself will give you a good overview on what can be improved, so check out your team mates and just do it then write down the abilities and when are they applied.

Applying dots on a target with http://xivdb.com/status/638/Vulnerability-Up debuff and using http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane will spread this Vulnerability to all targets that receives the dots. Using that to your advantage will make your damage spike and your team will benefit from your ability.

Section 4


Overview on DoTs

40 Potency per Tick - 6 Ticks over 18 seconds - 240 overall potency
Contagion adds - 15 seconds / 5 Ticks - 200 potency to the total
Mana Cost = 353

35 Potency per Tick - 8 Ticks over 24 seconds - 280 overall potency +20 potency on application
Contagion adds - 15 seconds / 5 Ticks - 175 potency to the total
Mana Cost = 442
Additional Effect: Heavy 40%

35 Potency per Tick - 10 Ticks over 30 seconds - 350 overall potency
Contagion adds - 15 seconds / 5 Ticks - 175 potency to the total
Mana Cost = 530

10 Potency per Tick - 5 Ticks over 15 seconds - 50 overall potency +20 potency on application
Contagion adds - 15 seconds / 5 Ticks - 50 potency to the total
Mana Cost = 618
Additional Effect: Heavy 40%

25 Potency per Tick - 10 Ticks over 30 seconds - 250 overall potency

Mana Cost = 707

*When applying DoTs they take all the affects taken at the moment of application and continues to tick with the same potency as it was taken on application even if the buff added to its potency was removed. Say for example you apply a DoT skill while http://xivdb.com/action/101/Raging-Strikes , http://xivdb.com/item/12625/Draconian-Potion-of-Intelligence and http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem are up and apply http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion with your pet ability to increase its time , the DoT skill will take all the buffs with it till the last tick even after the http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem is off and http://xivdb.com/item/12625/Draconian-Potion-of-Intelligence timer expires and all buffs are gone. The only time the DoT will lose its buffs is when reapplied. This will take another snapshot of the buffs and continue ticking with what was available on the time of application. Remember when using http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane the snapshot taken on first application is transferred to all the targets and the DoTs do not gain a new snapshot.

Finally http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster lives up to its name

*It was mentioned on one of the live letters that originally http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster was going to be added to summoners, however they thought it was too powerful at the time and did not add it, but named another ability with the same name. The name was used on http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind and remained that way until heavensward was launched. The producer then told SMNs that he thinks it is time to give the http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster ability its true form and make it live to its name. This ability is a single target instant ability that costs 0 mp and adds http://xivdb.com/action/164/Bio, http://xivdb.com/action/168/Miasma and http://xivdb.com/action/178/Bio-II with there full timers on the target. Its an off global ability and has a 60 second recast timer. It couldn't have been any better.
Pre Heavensward Summoners had to cast every DoT separately and that reduces the available time you can use other abilities while buffs are up. Now http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster have reduced the casting time of DoTs to be instant and this have influenced openers, rotations and ability to move while DoTing due to it being instant. This ability is very appreciated by all summoners who suffered the days when the only option was to cast every DoT on the target.

Clipping DoTs

I want to mention briefly that clipping your DoTs is not something you can do accurately during fights. The server Ticks every 3 seconds and by clipping I mean applying a new DoT right after the server ticks your DoTs. Some might not be familiar with what I mean by "Tick". It means the registration of the damage done by the DoTs to the target.

I would say do not worry about it and refresh your DoTs within the last 3 seconds. If you want to know more on the subject just go to a dummy and look at it after casting a DoT. After you apply it you will see that the damage appears every 3 seconds and not always on application. A recording will show you exactly the difference every time you do it. What you want to take from this is that how it works, however I do not see how it will benefit you during a fight so don't worry about it.

On the 3.0 patch notes there has been some changes on spell speed effecting DoTs

Now that spell speed effects DoTs it is reasonable to take some time to see what kind of effect this will imply. That being said , from my point of view I believe it will require a decent amount of Spell speed to give you a reasonable amount of dps increase , how much spell speed ? well this is what I will try to find out and post videos here with my opinion on it and other summoners point of view.

Section 5


Summoner Pets and skills

http://xivdb.com/action/165/Summon (Summons Garuda-Egi)
http://xivdb.com/action/170/Summon-II (Summons Titan-Egi)
http://xivdb.com/action/180/Summon-III (Summons Ifrit-Egi)

Pet battle commands
This command will make your pet attack when you attack or being attacked.
(It will always be on after using Sic or Obey by default)
This command will stop your pet from attacking until Obey or Sic are activated.

Pet Attacking orders
This option will make your pet attack the target using 1 ability only.
All other pet abilities will have to be used by you.
This option will make your pet attack the target using all available abilities on its own.
(Not recommended on Garuda-egi, Ifrit-egi will be fine however more dps can be done by micro managing his abilities.

Important Note: Your pet records every target you attack and switch to it directly after its current target expires. Many players new to the class did not understand this detail and got problems in fights such as Garuda extreme , SCoB Turn2/Turn7, which resulted in people refusing to play with them. For example on Garuda extreme in the early days of its release you had to attack the spiny plume to lower its health then continue on the mobs, but the problem is once your pet's target expires it switches to the next target you attacked previously even if you stopped attacking it or you are attacking another target. This resulted on many summoners destroying the spiny plume early and making the group wipe.
To go around this you have to micro manage your pet or just don't attack the spiny and this will not make the spiny plume next on your pet's target list. Another example is kiting on Turn 7 as a summoner. Your pet attacking the renaud's after a mob dies was quite common, the way around it is the same as garuda extreme. Micro-manage your pet.

Pet Positionals

Pet positional abilities are self explained, nothing to mention here except that having Garuda-egi placed in a postion will always stop it from following you. The time Garuda-egi moves it stops attacking which is bad. Always use Place to keep her attacking.

Garuda-egi Skills
Wind-Blade is the ability used automatically by the pet whether pet command is on Obey or Sic , and it deals 100 damage potency.
Aerial-Slash deals 90 potency , never use it as a single target attack.
Since Wind-Blade deals 100 potency. Aerial-Slash will do more damage on 2 or more mobs.
Shockwave deals a 90 potency damage to a single target, however it makes the pet pushes the target 15 yalms where ever the pet is facing. This ability is more of a strategic ability than a pure damage ability.
Contagion extends all DoTs on the target by 15 seconds. very useful ability that can increase the effects of buffs on the DoTs. Saves your mp during a long encounter since you will need to refresh your DoTs less. Note to point out, sometimes if you click on it you will see a reasonable delay, that is because Garuda-egi is in the middle of a cast.

Note: Always keep Garuda-egi on Obey, you have no option here. Otherwise you will lose Contagion every time and it will be casting Aerial-Sash which you don't always need and Shockwave if its close enough making you do less damage and annoy your party.

Ifrit-egi Skills
Burning-Strike is the ability used automatically by the pet whether pet command is on Obey or Sic, and it deals 120 damage potency.
Crimson-Cyclone Ability is one of the reasons to keep Ifrit-egi on Obey, with this you can control when to apply a Stun on a target.
Flaming-Crush is an AoE damage that deals 110 to all nearby mobs. Obey is the key to control when to apply it. However, it can be used all the time since its an Ifrit-egi OGCD skill.
Is a bonus damage ability that delivers a 50 damage potency every time you or Ifrit-egi receives damage. Which means sometimes you can put Ifrit in harms way to do more damage or use it when you know a physical damage is coming. Usually that would be a shared AoE damage from a mob.

Note: To maximize damage using Ifrit-egi, you would need to use Obey and micro-manage him. Basically what needs to be done is applying all your abilities except Radiant-Shield unless you or Ifrit-egi will receive physical damage then you should apply it. If you choose to use Sic the damage dealt would be less by a margin. I honestly don't recommend playing with Ifrit-egi on Sic just because if you mess up 1 of Ifrit's OGCD it will reduce your damage. Not worth the risk on new fights, maybe on speed kills or fights that you are used to. The difference I got on the dummy by just using Ifrits abilities on Sic and Obey with no buffs for 3 min was exactly10 dps. So its a players choice to make.

Titan-egi Skills

Titan-egi is the least discussed since he isn't useful on encounters. However, since the target here is for him to tank just keep it on Sic. His abilities are self explained and nothing special to mention.

Pet Buff and SMN Pet abilities

http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle is the major attack done by your pets. Make sure to have http://xivdb.com/action/183/Spur and http://xivdb.com/action/176/Rouse up on your opener before using it. Sometimes in a fight you can see that the target will die before http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle is ready, use your pet buffs wisely. http://xivdb.com/action/183/Spur will miss alignment with http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle if you use it all the time, I only save it if there will be many adds on a fight otherwise I just use it when its ready. Since http://xivdb.com/action/176/Rouse is 1/3 the timer of http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle use it as soon as its available and it will always be ready when http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle is ready. Note to point out, all your pet abilities get effected by Potion.

http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle on each pet is different.

http://xivdb.com/action/796/Aerial-Blast > Strongest instant damage per mob.

http://xivdb.com/action/801/Inferno > A 200 potency damage to target and all nearby targets + Applies a 20 potency DoT on each mob. Useful if the mobs will stay alive to receive the DoT potency. DoTs are for 15s which means 5 ticks.

http://xivdb.com/action/791/Earthen-Fury > A 200 potency damage to target and all nearby targets + It will make a circular area just as big as shadowflare which will make any mob in it receive 20 potency damage for 15 seconds.

http://xivdb.com/action/171/Sustain helps keep you from summoning your pet because it died, use it wisely. Its always better to have a pet than to waste 1768mp because you didn't heal your pet.

3.0 patch changes on pets

*I want to note before discussing Pets about the recent information posted on the new expansion notes of 3.0 which says.

Now that food changes the accuracy of the pet it makes things easier calculating what food will give you the better outcome. Previously the pet was taking the base accuracy of the gear and food doesn't increase the pets accuracy, so that's a good addition to the summoners job.

Regarding the Pet using rear accuracy even if it was in front is also a great addition to summoners since on some encounters a mob rotates and you can't really do anything but move your pet to its rear or take the miss chance due to higher accuracy from flank and front.

All pet actions are elemental damage even auto attacks. Yes AUTO ATTACKS they are also elemental based, what is written on the patch notes is wrong. Its easy to test out, just go to a dummy with a BRD and look at your auto attack damage with and without http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem and http://xivdb.com/action/74/Dragon-Kick, add all the damage done by auto attack, excluding crit hits, and divide them by the number of hits and you will get an average it will be clear that this is the case.

Tests regarding the patch notes

Numbers I got on Ifrit-egi while testing Auto Attack damage. Its very clear that magic buffs effects him.

With http://xivdb.com/action/74/Dragon-Kick and without are almost the same.

With http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem
Average of 10% Higher than without.

With http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem + http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice
Average of 20% Higher than without.

So it is confirmed. Is it a bug , will it be fixed ? I will keep doing tests on every patch and see if they fix it. http://xivdb.com/action/74/Dragon-Kick does not effect pets auto attack that is confirmed however it effects the summoners auto attack (Book Smacking). Ifrit-egi buff previously given by http://xivdb.com/action/74/Dragon-Kick was really useful , and used to give higher damage even without micro managing Ifrit-egi's ability, and since this was part of the monks rotation it used to be up almost all the time. Now we need to see and compare results using Magic buffs with Ifrit-egi.

One more thing I would like to add is that the pets damage including http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle gets whichever potion buff you use so keep that in mind during your rotation. I have tested http://xivdb.com/action/101/Raging-Strikes and http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance also and the answer is no, they do not effect the pets buff at all.

Garuda-egi vs Ifrit-egi, and uses of Titan-egi

Most summoners favor a pet to use in a fight and some are experienced in using both. However, I always initially try new fights with Garuda-egi, because it is easier to handle with its ranged attacks and it has http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion which is one of the best skills available to summoners. On pre-heavensward Ifrit-egi was better on some fights or parts of some fights. That being said I do not recommend using him for new fights. I'm talking about brand new fights with no videos out there and you do not know if the fight is set up for ranged attacks better than melee range. Once you get that figured out + the fight doesn't favor Garuda-egi due to ranged attacks + you can handle micro managing ifrit-egi then you can try and see if its going to give you a better outcome for the group. The range ability with http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion will need a lot to make up for, especially now that you have more DoT damage when using http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance + http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion.

That being said on SCoB and FCoB I have seen some fights which are favoring Ifrit-egi such as SCoB Turn 3/Turn 8 , and also on FCoB Turn 2/Turn 11 and on FCoB Turn 4/Turn13 1st phase and last phase. These are just some examples of having Ifrit-egi as your pet doing higher damage than you would've with Garuda-egi. However, keep in mind on Heavensward all pets damage are elemental based, what does that mean ? It means that previous buffs that were taken from other jobs for Ifrit-egi won't work anymore. The new buffs will be buffs that effect elemental(Magic) damage. Previously Ifrit-egi used to be great if you have the group setup with a monk to buff it with http://xivdb.com/action/74/Dragon-Kick. Although it was more work to focus on mechanics + your own rotation + micro manage Ifrit-egi some summoners out there have done it and got higher dps results.

Ifrit-egi will always do more dps on a dummy than Garuda-egi even without micro managing its abilities. However, on fights if you use Garuda-egi's http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion at the right time it will make up for the lost dps against Ifrit.

A quick example on how Garuda-egi is just more useful.

If you have done Bismarck extreme then you would remember that after dpsing bismarcks back for the first time 2 adds appear and you have almost a 10 second window to dps any of them till the adds start debuffing the group with a blue or a green debuff. Once that is done you can only dps the add with the opposite color of what debuff you have otherwise it will reflect the damage to you. Blue debuff dps green and green debuff dps blue. Since DoTs are a screen shot of the buffs and debuffs on application, then you can use cooldowns and cast tri-disaster on one of the adds and start casting three dots on the other. Once the debuffs appear you can use http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion on the add that you can't dps. This means longer DoTs with good amount of buffs for extra time. That's just one example and there are many, but I think you the point is clear.

So that is my opinion on the whole ifrit-egi vs Garuda-egi.

Titan-egi is a tank based type of pet and is the best pet during leveling. Going around with it holding hate while you and your chocobo dps is just perfect. However, Titan-egi isn't useful in raids and there isn't much to discuss about him. The only time I had some fun with Titan-egi on an encounter was on the launch of Ramuh extreme. We would go in the fight without a tank and make Titan-egi do the job, weeks later they fixed the bug on Ramuh and the fun was over.

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Section 6

Common Questions

Question 1: http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II is it useful at all ?

*Using http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II vs http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II/http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin ?
*http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance and http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II, when to use it and what about http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III ?

(Note: for simplicity I won't add the buff to the skills potency however keep in mind that http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance will give an additional 10% magic damage.)

Potency Without Contagion = 70 (50 DoT + 20 Initial application) ,
Potency With Contagion its going to be = 120 (100 DoT + 20 Initial application)
Mana cost = 618mp
Cast time = instant

Potency = 80
Mana cost = 176mp
Cast time = 2.5s

Potency = 80
Mana cost = 353mp
Cast time = Instant

Potency = 120
Mana cost = 1000mp without http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance and 50mp with)
Cast time = 2.5 second

http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin has more potency than http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II, however if you have garuda's http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion and use it on http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II, then it will do more potency than http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin. Note to point out http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin is more efficient when comparing both mp with potency output so if you are low on mp I suggest to use http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin or if you need to move or use an off global skill then use http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II.

http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin and http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II have the exact same potency , however the mana cost is different and the cast time. So use http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II wisely. Its uses are to use OGCDs and to be able to dps without standing in the same spot casting. So there is no reason to keep spamming http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II when its not needed. Some players will argue that its not risky after they lowered its mp. I do agree its a lot better than what it used to be, however remember that you need to dps and be as efficient as possible so that if you had to use http://xivdb.com/action/173/Resurrection at some point to recover, that efficiency will be very useful.

Comparing http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II with http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III. Well looking at both potencies Ruin III has more, however when will you be using http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III and whats the difference between them.

http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III should be used with http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance , and anyone would agree its cheaper and doing the exact same potency as http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II with contagion and without contagion it is even weaker than http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II by 10 potency. That being said http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III can be used at the last 1% or 2% of a fight, it's just the last seconds so why not have some extra dps before the fight is over ? (Make sure you run out of mp just as the Target dies) Also there is another situation were using http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III won't harm you as much. If you have enough a bard uses http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad + http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice, using http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III won't hurt since the mana recovered is almost half the spend. So it will cost you around 550mp for each http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III which isn't too expensive. A http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II will cost 353mp and give you a potency damage of 80. Therefore spending around 550mp for a potency of 120 while http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad + http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice is running is almost as efficient as http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II without http://xivdb.com/action/114/Mage%27s-Ballad + http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice.

So why use http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II ? Well in some occasions during your rotation you would cast http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III until you have 2 seconds left. Now you can use an instant damage before http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare. So at this point you would have the option of http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II then end with http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare , however if I had http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion and mana isn't a factor I would use http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II before http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare since it will give me 40 more potency , that is of course if you are within range and the target won't die before it completed all its ticks.

Remember that this comparison is only for a single target , when it comes to Multiple targets of 2 or more you will need to make a decision.

2 targets = 40 on application + 100 DoT potency for 15s = 140 potency
3 targets = 60 on application + 150 DoT potency for 15s = 210 potency
4 targets = 80 on application + 200 DoT potency for 15s = 280 potency

The issue will be is it going stay alive for 30s ?

Lets say you have the adds alive for 6 seconds at least that's 2 ticks , so ..

2 targets = 40 on application + 40 DoT potency for 6 seconds = 80 potency
3 targets = 60 on application + 60 DoT potency for 6 seconds = 120 potency
4 targets = 80 on application + 80 DoT potency for 6 seconds = 160 potency

As you can see it makes things simpler. Application potency is equal to 2 ticks. Using it on 3 adds for 6 seconds is equal to using http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin or http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Question 2: http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane vs http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare which is better ?

A question have been asked a lot lately between whether its better to use http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane or http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare on multiple adds and how do you make that decision.

It depends on the following :
- Will all my dots tick till it expire on the target before it dies ?
- Is there any mechanic restriction of using time to dps or should the adds die quickly in a short period of time ?

- If there is no mechanic restrictions and all the dots will tick for a while before it dies, then this is the rule I use for myself:
If I will have 2 ticks on 1 to 3 additional adds I use http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane otherwise use http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare
If I will have 3 ticks on the 4 or more I use http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane otherwise use http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare

The issue with http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane is its usually on adds that die quickly, and rarely I am in a situation where I find myself choosing http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane over http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare but this is how my thinking process works with this specific situation, and once I find out that targets give me a bit of time before they die I adapt accordingly.

You might find the following info useful to create your own Rule of thumb.

With 3 dots up the potency per tick is = 110 per target / 1 tick in 3 seconds
http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare potency is = 200 per target

So If 3 dots will tick twice its = 220 potency per target / 2 ticks in 6 seconds
That is 20 more potency and anything more will be better than http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare

Some SMNs use http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane and http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare together on the same targets, and my opinion on that is it will do a good amount of AOE damage however is it better to use them both ? I would say yes only if it will stay alive for the DoTs to tick by at least 6 seconds. However, if you see that it won't then don't use http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane. 6 seconds alive is the key to making the http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane do more damage than a http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare. Remember that http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane gives half the potency after spreading the DoTs starting from the 4th add onwards. Therefore the new potency for a 4th add onwards with 3 DoTs is 55 potency.

As you can see 2 Ticks wouldn't be enough to do more than the http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare if there was more than 3 additional targets to spread the DoTs. You would need at least 3 ticks otherwise http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare would deal more potency. Also if we start talking about a 4th tick you will start thinking of using a 2nd http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare which will deal more damage and so on. While leveling I used to http://xivdb.com/action/174/Bane with http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion and use http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare twice the AOE damage was amazing. Since my level was low I believe I could do it, but at the moment its going to be either 2 to 3 ticks max this is why I just follow my rule of minimum 2 Ticks other wise I choose http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare.

So there you go , keep in mind that if the targets need to die in less than 6 seconds you don't really have a choice there but to use http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Question 3: Are http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind & http://xivdb.com/action/146/Blizzard-II good for AOE damage ?

As a player the way I deal with these abilities is as follows. I set myself an efficiency line which based on that I decide whether to use these abilities or not. My efficiency line is between http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin and Ruin II mp vs potency efficiency. Some can choose to be as efficient as Ruin II others want to be more efficient and have Ruin as their efficiency line. That's truly up to the player and I will do the calculations for both.

Costs 176mp / 80 potency
Costs 707mp / 50 potency on each mob around you.

To calculate efficiency you would need to check how much will spending 707mp on Ruins give you potency wise. 707mp on Ruin's will give you 321 potency.
321 divided by 50 = 6.42 mobs , lets call it 7 mobs.

So that tells you that 7 mobs are needed to use http://xivdb.com/action/146/Blizzard-II and make at as efficient as http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin .

Costs 353mp / 80 potency
Costs 707mp / 50 potency on each mob around you

To calculate efficiency you would need to check how much will spending 707mp on http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II 's give you potency wise. 707mp on http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II 's will give you 160 potency.

160 divided by 50 = 3.2 mobs , lets call it 4 mobs.

According to my self rule of efficiency I will usehttp://xivdb.com/action/146/Blizzard-II as an AOE attack only if it will hit 6 mobs.

Costs 176mp / 80 potency
Costs 884mp / 30 potency damage on target and on all mobs around it

To calculate efficiency you would need to check how much will spending 884mp on http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin 's give you potency wise. 884mp on http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin 's will give you 402 potency.

402 divided by 30 = 13.4 , lets call is 14 mobs.

Costs 353mp / 80 potency
Costs 884mp / 30 potency damage on target and on all mobs around it

To calculate efficiency you would need to check how much will spending 884mp on http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II 's give you potency wise. 884mp on http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II 's will give you 200 potency.

200 divided by 30 = 6.7 mobs , lets call is 7 mobs.

According to my self rule of efficiency I will use http://xivdb.com/action/182/Tri-bind as an AOE attack only if it will hit 11 mobs.


Section 7

Opener & Rotation

My Preferred opener and another commonly used opener

-09s http://xivdb.com/action/179/Shadow-Flare (Precast if the boss will be moved from its original place.)
-05s http://xivdb.com/action/104/Quelling-Strikes - http://xivdb.com/action/176/Rouse
-03s http://xivdb.com/action/183/Spur - http://xivdb.com/action/178/Bio-II
Pull http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle - http://xivdb.com/action/168/Miasma
+03s http://xivdb.com/action/164/Bio
+04s http://xivdb.com/action/101/Raging-Strikes - http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare
+05s http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester
+06s http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II
+07s http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain
+08s http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance
+09s http://xivdb.com/item/12625/Draconian-Potion-of-Intelligence
+10s http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster
+11s http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II - http://xivdb.com/action/166/Aetherflow
+12s http://xivdb.com/action/150/Swiftcast
+13s http://xivdb.com/action/179/Shadow-Flare
+14s http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare
+15s http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester
+16s http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III - http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion
+18.5s http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III
+22s http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II (This is a buffer if you can't use it due to mechanic or lag then skip to http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare)
+23s http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare
+24s http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II
+26s http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester

3min Parse Video Link:

Video Edited:
On the following video I have worked with Krolex after he agreed to help with theory crafting regarding effects of openers on the striking dummy after 3 minutes. We both used the same food, gear pieces and the result proves 2 points:
1) A PF - F - ED is clearly NOT an opener that is just good for 30 seconds after pull as many claim.
2) At 3 min both dps are the same but the opener I use gets a better spike from the group buffs available on initial pull.
3) If the open I use had all its high potency skills crit on pull then the difference will be significant

Therefore from this its clear to everyone that a PF - F - ED opener is legit and is usable, however it requires a lot of speed and skill. I myself have a 200ping latency and was able to do this much. I believe people with 100 or less will be doing it easily and will result in a better dps. Bear in mind that I only had a 11% crit and on many occasions I have seen up to 16%.

Part 1 - Kakashe 00:00 - 03:29
Part 2 - Krolex 03:30 - 06:52

My viewpoint on my opener and other openers with preference and conclusion

Many openers have been discussed on many posts. It had to happen because summoners previously used http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester as the jobs main dps boost. Now that Heavensward added new skills the rotation had to change significantly.

Some players hold on to the past and dislike opening with http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain, http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare and http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester to enter http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance quickly and the argument is that the difference in potency between http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester and http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain is 150 potency so the result will be a dps loss. However, waiting for the http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester to recharge is the dps loss right there, having to delay your burst is also a dps loss. Sure if you go and write down the potencies of both openers you will find that the http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain is reducing your total potency, but if you look at the availability of the cooldowns again and you see how long it takes to do a http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester - http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare - http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester opener you will see that an http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain there is increasing the dps. In addition to that completing an opener in around 27s vs 37s is just better in a real fight. You have to squeeze as many skills as possible when the highest buffs are up by your group (Usually on pull or seconds after), this happens in a specific time frame and will be lost if you don't use it.

The arguments you see about a 2F - 1PF or 1F - 2PF openers as your only choice are invalid arguments. The opener provided is a 50 potency less than a 2PF-1F and makes up for it by using the buffs done by your group members. The 2F - 1PF opener is wasting more time of the group buffs by waiting for the Fester to be available. I dislike it and it takes fairly long to complete. Summoners testing openers need to test the opener with there group to see the amount of seconds lost waiting for http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance to unlock. Look at the http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem + http://xivdb.com/action/118/Battle-Voice wasted, http://xivdb.com/action/3557/Battle-Litany, http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick-Attack. They want to convince people its ok to delay your burst while seconds go by with these buffs up and running !


There is absolutely no way I am going to do that, not bursting as much damage while buffs are up is not how openers should look like. Don't just decide on whatever people say, go yourself to a dummy and do this opener, then go again and do other openers and remember to get yourself an Astro , Bard, Dragoon & a Ninja. Let them do a normal opener rotation using there buffs on a dummy while you do both. Record yourself and look at the wasted time while buffs are up when using for example a 2F - 1PF opener , and compare. When I tested it out, it didn't feel like an opener it felt like a rotation and nothing close to being an opener. The key in any opener is utilizing your buffs with other party buffs and creating a scenario that will make your abilities align well with there buffs and the rest of your skills.

My conclusion is that I will always use the http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare - http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester - http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain opener due to its reduced time to apply and quicker refresh of critical skills and buffs. However, I had to discuss the other openers so players would understand my point of view on them and hopefully test it out themselves. At the moment I am still testing other rotations so I might update my opener soon, but until then this is my opinion on the matter.

Note: Depending on your party setup , check with your bard, ninja, dragoon or Astrologian to tell you when do they apply there buffs such as http://xivdb.com/action/115/Foe-Requiem and/or http://xivdb.com/action/2258/Trick-Attack etc. This could affect your dps so practice on aligning your opener with there buffs. According to my static members buff usage, this opener fits perfectly. It might not be the case for every group.

My thoughts on the rotation provided in the video

Summoners will need to adapt and learn every fight they encounter and frankly speaking , no guide will show you a perfect rotation on a dummy that you can use in every fight, however this will be just an idea of what you will be looking forward to do on a single target fight.

If you have seen the video, after my opener I choose to go ahead and use http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester for my http://xivdb.com/status/304/Aetherflow charges and not using http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain to unlock http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance, by doing that dots will have to be refreshed in order for you to use http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester with its full potency. Using the opener rotation here to unlock quickly to http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance will mess up your dps and the alignment of skills such as http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster with http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance, however some situations you can use the http://xivdb.com/action/167/Energy-Drain, http://xivdb.com/action/3578/Painflare, http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester to do exactly that and instantly use http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare before the Target goes away with a long animation or a target needs to go down fast within a small time frame.

Going back to the video rotation, after I use my 2nd http://xivdb.com/action/181/Fester and unlock http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance I wait for http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster to be unlocked by refreshing my dots then use http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance > http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster, http://xivdb.com/action/177/Miasma-II and http://xivdb.com/action/150/Swiftcast http://xivdb.com/action/179/Shadow-Flare in any order, depending on what will run out first,
then use http://xivdb.com/action/3579/Ruin-III , and just before I hit the http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare I try to fit a http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II. This http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II is a buffer, if you had to move or you had a lag spike you won't be able to fit it in. With time you will adapt easily.

Thats basically it.

The key to this rotation is having http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster available when you unlock http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance which will make your skill alignment fit really well. When you do that you will find that http://xivdb.com/action/795/Contagion is also up on every http://xivdb.com/action/3581/Dreadwyrm-Trance > http://xivdb.com/action/3580/Tri-disaster usage which is a perfect timing since you will get an extra 15 seconds of buffed DoTs every time.

Note: As a Summoner I always favored Garuda-egi over Ifrit-egi , however before 3.0 on some fights I did more dps with Ifrit-egi. That all changed after they made all damage done by pet magical based. Therefore , I won't add an Ifrit-egi opener until I see a good reason why, with a good significant difference. It needs to be worth the mana burn ifrit-egi commits you to and the less ticks per DoT and melee range requirement. If anyone disagrees please send me a message via guild work with your point of view and I might get interested.

This is an example of a fight before 3.0 launch and Echo buff that used to be good with a monk in the group boosting Ifrit-egi dps. Its a Bard PoV, but you can see the party members dps.

Now monks don't do anything to Ifrit-egi =( not happy with the change. However, I understood that this had to be done to make the pets have the accuracy buff taken from food. I will do some tests in the future in raids and see if its useful. I would assume if it will be useful it would be on Turn 3 & 4. Turn 1 & 2 have many uses for Garuda-egi in my opinion. So lets see what happens.

A reply to the reddit critiques about my opener

I honestly don't know how to say this since people are getting too sensitive on reddit, but I hope the message is not taken as an insult or that I am claiming great researchers that have put hours and hours into guides are in anyway not giving good results. I am purely stating here that after my study of different rotations I concluded that the provided opener above is proven to be better by comparing parses. I have done exactly the opener of 2PF-1F suggested by my critiques and the result is on the following video. Please refrain from disrespecting any player that have proven to be a person that wants to share his/her opinion as a researcher. This is not my way of dealing with these kind of things nor should it be anyones. The video shows a 40 second window after the pull of both openers and the dps difference is quite obvious. I would like the people who still disagree, even after the parse of both openers are available on the following video, to do the rotation themselves and send it to me so I can learn if I am mistaken. I would hate to guide people into a wrong opener. I have done 10 openers of the 2pf 1f opener with the same conditions and given you the highest dps on parse at 40 seconds. I did not go further into the rotation because I do not want to influence anything past the opener suggested to me. My rotation could be different and most guides don't say how they do the rotation past the opener in detail like they do on the opener so I would leave it to the players that claimed its better to prove it. I would like to see a video with them on a 3 min parse so we could end this and I will gladly follow if the difference is soo big that my opener and rotation would never be even close.

Here is the opener comparison video with parse at 40s:

I would like to see something like 1200 , or 1150 on a 3min video with a 2PF-1F opener to be absolutely sure that my opener and rotation is really garbage as one of my critics said on my post, however he never got a video for his claims because it isn't correct.

After all the discussion on reddit and guildwork with my critiques I was represented with a parse from a summoner that have been against my opener and rotation. He was claiming that at 3 minutes the opener would effect the dps and it would reduce a lot. Surprisingly he posted a parse with the same dps that I did at 3 minutes, using a 2PF - 1F opener. However, that's without a group. The point of my opener is to use the peak damage you will get initially with all the group buffs and the amount of damage will be so high that it won't effect your overall damage at 3 min and will do even more or equal to a 2PF - 1F and than a 2F - 1PF. The difference is the time its applied in and that is the key to actually fully apply it and continue the fight. An equal dps means its simply better, and more dps gives other openers no argument whatsoever.

This is why I claim its better. However, I am not saying that the other openers are bad I'm just stating with my opener you will get more damage almost all the time with a raid group and thats the point of doing an opener. If you don't take into account a group then the study is for nothing. Many well knows summoners have been getting record numbers on raids using a 1ED - 1PF - 1F opener, I don't think that if its wrong it would even make 1 record dps.

If you have any questions or want to discuss something feel free to send me a message on guildwork. Good Luck.

Rotation alignment with own buffs and group buffs

Comparing Parses

When comparing parses you will have to have a certain things available:

1) Players being compared must have the same gear, any difference and the comparison wont be valid.
2) Players should have the same food and potion used, otherwise the stats would be different.
3) Players should make a multiple number of parses to get an average highest and lowest since Crit can change results a lot.
4) Players have to have a parse on a video since its more accurate than going to your ACT and clicking End Encounter.
5) Group buffs have to have to be the same on both players attempting this.

Why do I use http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle without Potion on my opener?

I have received many questions regarding using http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle on pull and why. Well Its a fair question really since I have mentioned previously that http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle gets effected by potion. I would suggest everyone to try and fit it in with this opener after the potion is applied. I couldn't do it, and many others couldn't because of the animation effects that give you a slight delay which will make you not be able to use http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II before using http://xivdb.com/action/3582/Deathflare. So the question comes. What is better the effects of the potion used on http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle or using a http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II ? After doing some tests on the dummy http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II is by far doing more damage and thats the reason why I made it on the pull, since I can't fit it. However, maybe if you live in the US or Canada your latency would help and make the http://xivdb.com/action/184/Enkindle works just fine without losing a http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II.


Section 8


Points to remember

1) Learn the potencies of all your skills to know and understand why and when do you use this skill and not the other.

2) Do not be afraid to abuse http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II for more movement in the fight. The mp amount used by it was reduced for a while now, I have seen players on different streams still not using it to its full capacity when its required to move due to a mechanic or a fast application of it before another ability. I do like to be efficient and use http://xivdb.com/action/163/Ruin, however this will be not being efficient. If you are required to move then using http://xivdb.com/action/172/Ruin-II is a must unless you need to apply another instant cast skill.

3) Use a rule of thumb for critical situations to know what skill to use instantly. This doesn't mean you will be correct every time , however it mean you will be correct most of the time.

4) Remember that as a summoner you are almost always favored by healers for being able to use http://xivdb.com/action/173/Resurrection and now with all the additional abilities they added to us , we are very dominant when it comes to high AOE dps in a short time. In my opinion whoever chose the abilities for summoners is a genius , I wouldn't have asked for more. So always back up healers when your mp can handle it.

5) HUD layout is one of the things that needs to be perfect for you. Different resolutions means different space to put in stuff. You can always resize which is a way to work around having lower resolution. There are many guides explaining there opinion and suggestion on how to setup the layout. I really recommend watching a few, but the most important thing is to look at many different layout of players that are at the competitive level and take ideas that suit you.

6) Remember that auto attacking as a Summoner is done within melee range, so when using instant abilities, get in position and start your book smacking festival. You will need to right click your target to start your auto attack. Use it as much as possible without effecting your rotation, but be careful since some fights do not accommodate melee range for summoners and you will be breaking your rotation to move which will result in a dps loss.

Thoughts about this guide

I would like to thank everyone that have read my guide and I hope it was useful. Also I want to clearly say I am not claiming to be the best researcher or summoner in the game, however I know that when I make up my mind into something I put a lot of effort and commitment towards it and I promise that I will always be improving myself as a player, researcher, and will be updating this guide to reflect the best information I can share with everyone. Wish you all the best.



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